The Cutest Dogs in Pro Wrestling Today!

I love wrestling so much. It has everything I could want for entertainment: incredible stories, complex characters, captivating moves, and cute dogs!

Dogs are fantastic pets, and they’re even better ring companions! It’s no wonder that many wrestlers have incorporated them into their characters and stories throughout the years. With AEW hosting the first-ever Puppy Battle Royale for Fyter Fest Night 2, there’s never been a better time to look at some of the best dogs currently in pro wrestling! Join me as I remember a few of my favorites!

AEW Puppy Battle Royale Commercial
Credit: All Elite Wrestling, Fite TV


What better way to kick-off the list than the mascot of The Elite? Cody Rhodes’ cuddly sidekick Pharaoh is a beloved dog to many AEW fans: a large Siberian Husky with an even bigger heart! He’s a playful companion to Cody and the Nightmare family, frequently seen at PPVs and fan meet and greets! Cody’s videos and tweets about Pharaoh’s shenanigans are always a highlight to my day, and he’s definitely one of my favorite dogs on social media!

Fun fact: Pharaoh is a service dog! He’s trained to handle situations needing animal assistance and provides emotional support. That’s one heck of a dog!

Video: Pharaoh makes his Starrcast announcement in the cutest way!
Credit: Nightmare Family Youtube Channel


After a hard night’s work of Paradigm Shifts, Jon Moxley surely comes home to his dog Blue! This adorable big bulldog is the AEW World Champion’s cuddliest buddy! Though Mox is not active on social media, Renee Young has shared many a picture of Blue and Moxley playing together. They’re the perfect match for each other, and I can’t think of another breed that’s perfect for the couple. They also own a small chihuahua named Ears, who is just as adorable and very tiny.

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Picture: Ears (on the left) and Blue (on the right) are the best puppy siblings 🙂
Credit: Renee Young’s Instagram


New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Hiroshi Tanahashi has quite the knack for dogs; his instagram is FULL of pictures of his beautiful toy poodle Hana! While I love Tanahashi’s work in the ring, one of the perks of following his social media is seeing a lot of pictures of his cute dog. Seriously, follow his Instagram; Hana is ADORABLE. If Tanahashi is considered the face of New Japan, then I think it’s fair to say that Hana is the unofficial doggie mascot too

Video: Hana being camera shy! Credit: Hiroshi Tanahashi’s Instagram


WWE fans love watching behind-the-scenes footage of The Miz and Maryse’s adventures together on the popular reality show Miz and Mrs! In addition to their adorable children, the show also sees plenty of doggie wholesomeness from Pumpkin and Mocha! These two give The Miz plenty of licks and laughs on their reality show, and though they often cause trouble, they’re still reliable pets that are a perfect fit for their “mizfit” family. They also get along well with the couple’s two children and are often featured on the reality show’s social media!

Picture: Pumpkin and Mocha celebrating Pet Day! Credit: The Miz and Mrs Twitter


Alexa Bliss is one of the most popular women’s wrestlers in WWE. She’s a personal favorite of mine as well, and what’s even better is the bond she shares with her dogs Frankie, Izzy, and Teddy! Featured on WWE’s website and on her Instagram, this barkin’ trio loves Alexa just as much as she loves them! It’s always a joy to see videos of them playing and hanging around with her. WWE’s infamous travel schedule doesn’t allow much wiggle room for their wrestlers to relax, but it’s great to see Alexa get a break every once in a while with some of the cutest dogs ever!

Fun Fact: Did you know that she also owns a pet pig named Larry Steve?

Picture: Alexa Bliss taking a picture with all of her pets: Frankie, Izzy, Teddy, and Larry Steve the Pig!
Credit: Alexa Bliss Instagram


Adorable dogs are everywhere, even on the independent circuit! With Effy being one of the fastest rising and most inclusive stars in the industry, it’s no surprise that his dog is just as wholesome! Cranberry is a red nosed pit, often making appearances on his twitch streams, and she’s a bundle of joy! Pits absolutely need more love in the pet world, and Cranberry is the leading example. She’s the poster doggie for all red nosed pits, and with Effy by her side, they’re the tag team champions of exhibiting acceptance!

Video: Cranberry getting ready for another Effy stream! Credit: Effy Twitter


We end the list with possibly the BEST name for a dog EVER! Gentleman Jervis’ perky dog Lord Booplesnoot is a jumpy pet, a ball of fuzzies, and a great friend to all. This miniature golden doodle will just about approach anyone and everyone for a good lick and a cuddle! Lord Booplesnoot embodies the positivity and sweetness that Jervis exhibits in the wrestling community. If you’re ever having a bad day, Lord Booplesnoot’s videos on Twitter will cheer you up in no time!

Video: Lord Booplesnoot is in trouble! Credit: Gentleman Jervis Twitter

Let us know what your favorite dogs in the wrestling community are! Have pets of your own? Drop them in the comments! Let’s get hyped for the Puppy Battle Royal together! 🙂