The Garden State Invitational: A Beautiful Synergy

With the clamor of excited, loyal fans cheering their hearts out for their favorite up and coming wrestlers, or jeering and booing with all the ferocity they can muster against the wrestler who seeks to tear it all down, there is nothing quite like the raucous atmosphere of a delightful independent wrestling show. Independent wrestling is the backbone of the wrestling industry, building the stars of tomorrow with dedication, passion, and a unique intimacy found in their shows.

That’s why we at Wrestle Joy are so proud to announce our first sponsorship with Synergy Wrestling! Based out of the Northeast, Synergy is one of the hottest independent wrestling companies in the US. Their most recent show, Synergy 711, saw proceeds going to first responders through the American Nurses Foundation, and brought on one of the most heartwarming moments I’ve ever seen in a wrestling show.

Following a dazzling showcase of athletic feats by Matt Vertigo, owner and promoter, Colin West came out and officially welcomed the Vertigo to the Synergy family. In his speech, he touched on the social issues that are affecting so many in the world today, from the Black Lives Matter movement, to the first responders who are working on the front lines of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

In a world where larger than life characters of dominance and strength take precedence, it is rare to see such a public display of compassion and sincerity between two people sharing a moment of humanity. The emotion rippled through the crowd, and brought everyone into the world of Synergy, and Matt Vertigo.

This weekend, we’ll see Synergy kick off their annual summer tournament, the Garden State Invitational, with the finals sponsored by Wrestle Joy! Eight of the country’s top independent talents will compete, all trying to take home the GSI trophy and earn their spot as a top contender for the Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship!

2019 GSI Winner “Retro” Anthony Greene, after defeating Homicide

The talents you can look forward to seeing on the show are:

KTB (Kyle The Beast)
Simon Grimm
Matt Cross
Gary Jay
Tony Deppen
Simon Gotch
Gregory Iron
Myron Reed
Jordan Oliver

Who the winner will target is up in the air, as this card will also see a Synergy Pro Wrestling Championship defense from the current champion, Frightmare! The winner of this match will face the #1 contender, Brandon Kirk, on August 29th.

Saturday’s GSI show will also feature a match to determine the winner of the Synergy Cruiserweight Crown. This beautiful crown comes from Russia, and is adorned with blue Swarovski crystals! TJ Crawford and Ellis Taylor will battle it out to see who will be the first ever to wear a Cruiserweight Crown. Waiting in the wings will be Kasey Catal, who also qualified for the match but is out due to illness.

Synergy Cruiserweight Crown
Credit: Synergy Wrestling and Raze Lighting

Synergy Wrestling has a great show lined up for this Saturday, and a lot of fun surprises in store during the show! We’re so excited to be a part of the Synergy Family, as they build the breakout stars of tomorrow, with the dazzling talent in the independent scene today.

Watch Synergy’s GSI tournament on Fite TV, Saturday, July 25th at 7 pm EST. Stay tuned for extra surprises throughout the show that are sure to bring a lot of joy!