Around The Ring Episode 12

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On this episode of the show JR and Floyd cover the events and people from the week of Sunday August 16th to August 22nd 2020. This will cover such events as Raw, NXT, SDLive, GCW, and AEW. Enjoy the show

Jesus "JR" Perez
Jesus “JR” Perez

J.R. Perez, a 30-year fan of professional wrestling, first discovered wrestling during family watch parties of WWF PPVs. Earliest memory of watching wrestling is Survivor Series 1991. He has been hooked ever since and throughout the last 3 decades, J.R. has followed the WWF/E, WCW, ECW, Impact Wrestling, ROH, NJPW, AEW and has spent time studying the history of the territory system in the United States. When J.R. is not in the classroom, he loves to spend his vacations at wrestling and MMA events across the world.

Floyd Johnson Jr
Floyd Johnson Jr

I am a wrestling fan of 30+ years and have been podcasting for 4. I was raised on the Southern Pro Wrestling of Jim Crockett Promotions, World Class Championship Wrestling, and Mid South Wrestling. I have attended 100s of events and made even more friends in the community. Cody is my favorite wrestler and that’s not changing

Around The Ring

Floyd Johnson and JR Perez take a joyful look at the previous week in Pro Wrestling and give you their Top 5 moments from the shows and social media of your favorite major companies and indies.

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