JOY1 Climax! Enter WrestleJoy’s G1 Climax 30 Pick ‘Ems Competition!

NJPW’s G1 Climax is upon us and here at WrestleJoy we wanted to add an extra jolt of joy to the most exciting tournament of the year! Welcome to the first WrestleJoy G1 Pick ‘Ems Competition, aptly titled the JOY1 Climax!

The rules are easy, simply fill out this form and pick who you think will win each match in the G1 Climax, pick the winner of each block and then the winner of the entire tournament:

– Each correct match winner (or draw) prediction earns you 2 points
– Each correct block winner prediction earns you 4 points
– Correctly predicting the winner of the entire tournament earns you 6 points
– You will also have to predict the match length for the final, which will be used as a tiebreaker if needed.

To help you with you make your predictions, I have you covered with The Essential G1 Climax 30 Preview!

The G1 Climax has entrants from across the globe so it’s only fair that the JOY1 Climax also allows you to enter from anywhere. That’s right, this competition is open to fans worldwide!

What kind of competition would it be if we didn’t have prizes?! Given the monumental scale of the G1 we are giving away prizes for those who finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:

1st place prize – Your choice of WrestleJoy merch + first pick of a selection of signed pictures!
2nd place prize – WrestleJoy snapback hat + second pick of a selection of signed pictures!
3rd place prize – Large WrestleJoy mug + third pick of a selection of signed pictures!

Click here to visit the WrestleJoy shop and see what merch you could win!

Here is the selection of signed pictures the winners can choose from:

Cody / The Young Bucks / Jay White / Taiji Ishimori / Toru Yano / Zack Sabre Jr. / El Phantasmo / G.o.D (Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa) / Kevin Kelly

Should you be a lucky winner we will happily provide photos of all the pictures so you can pick your favourite!

The G1 kicks off on Saturday 19th September so you have until Friday 18th September to get your picks in. The winners will be revealed within a few days of the tournament finishing on October 18th.

Don’t fret about keeping track of your scores, that’s what I’m here for! As the events take place I will provide a spreadsheet that details everybody’s current standings, so you can see how close you are to first place and how others are getting on!

At WrestleJoy, we simply cannot resist the fun so some of the team (me, definitely me) will also be trying their hand at the pick ’ems. Rest assured, none of us will be eligible to win any of the prizes!

If you do not already, please be sure to follow WrestleJoy on Twitter where we’ll provide updates on current standings. You can also join us on Discord for live chats as the G1 Climax steams ahead.

Good luck!