A Warrior’s Path: A Review of Drew McIntyre’s ‘A Chosen Destiny: My Story’

Drew McIntyre
Credit: WWE

The hero’s journey has long been a popular story in the literary world. Countless books and other media are filled with accounts of people from different walks of life doing extraordinary things. One such book is A Chosen Destiny. It tells the story of WWE superstar, Drew McIntyre and his rise to the top of the industry’s biggest promotion. From his working class roots in Ayr, Scotland to the bright lights of WWE, readers get to follow Drew’s story as he experienced the highest of highs and survived the lowest of lows. We also get to see how he played an integral role in the creation of the current Scottish wrestling scene as we know it today.

A young Drew McIntyre and Sheamus
Credit: Instagram

From making his in ring debut at just sixteen years old to living his dream in WWE and nearly losing it all to rising again, Drew’s story is a testament to the power of the human spirit. Once dubbed the ‘Chosen One’, he was on the fast track to stardom when an injury, personal demons, and a devastating loss nearly cost him everything when he was released from his WWE contract. From there, he returned to the independent wrestling scene and took it by storm before returning to WWE. Along the way he found himself again and also found true love.

In one of the most heartbreaking parts of the book Drew discusses the painful loss of his biggest supporter and inspiration, his mom, Angela. He tells of how positive and resilient his mother was despite having dealt with serious health issues most of her life. She encouraged her boy to pursue his dream and showed him how to persevere in the face of hardship. Drew struggled to deal with the pain of losing her, but was able to channel that grief into finding himself again and fighting for the dream he’d nearly lost.

Drew McIntyre and his wife Kaitlyn at the Grand Canyon
Credit: Instagram

Another very important figure in Drew’s life has been his wife, Kaitlyn who was a vital source of love and support to him during the good times and bad. She faced her own fair share of challenges as she had to adjust to life as a wrestling spouse and fought as hard as she could to help the man she loved as he battled his personal demons. Drew often talks about how there wouldn’t be a Drew McIntyre as we know him now without Kaitlyn.                                   

Drew’s story is told with a great sense of humor as well as a deep love for the people in his life. One of ‘A  Chosen Destiny’s core themes is passion. It’s most apparent in the way Drew approaches his life and career.  It’s a story told from the heart of someone who truly lives his life with passion and love.  All in all ‘A Chosen Destiny’ is an entertaining and very informative read. Drew McIntyre’s story is ultimately an inspiring one with so many amazing chapters yet to be written. The best part will be seeing how it all unfolds.