Matt Hardy’s Second Twitch AMA Highlights

Credit: Reby and Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy had his second AMA Twitch Stream, and we’ve collected some of the best bits. The Truth is the Truth!

Matt Hardy on the most knowledgeable wrestling person he knows

“The biggest wrestling Historian I’ve ever met is Tony Khan – Tony knows his shit man. Tony will tell me about matches I had that I don’t even remember. His recollection is crazy. He retains so much, and knows so much detail.”

Does Matt Hardy get into Stonks? (Reference to GME and AMC meme stocks)

“I don’t know what that means”

“With crowds back, and everyone on the road again, will we see Broken Matt come back in the near future?”

Right now it’ll be Big Money Matt, and the Hardy Family Office. We’ve put a big investment in that, and we’ll be getting an answer from Jora Johl who I offered an opportunity to.

“How do you want to be remembered when you career comes to a close?”

I want Matt Hardy to be remembered as the most passionate in wrestling history. I want to be remembered as one half of one of the best tag teams of all time. We broke a lot of barriers for smaller guys.

I’m very proud of the work we’ve done with Tables, Ladders and Chairs with Edge and Christian. I’m proud of Broken Matt, and Big Money Matt. I hope people look back and think, Wow, Matt Hardy was really passionate, courageous and fearless creatively.

I really do love wrestling. It does get frustrating when your body is beat up and hurting, but I really have a huge passion for it.

“Favorite Public Enemy song?”

Welcome to the Terrordome. *Matt sings the song* That was a huge part of my development when I was younger, big shout out to Chuck D. But I have a lot that I really dig.

“You’ve spent your AEW Career in the pandemic era, what are you looking forward to with crowds?” from – @AmyNemmity

I feel like the barometer will be much more fair and accurate. I’m not a 25 or 35 year old wrestler that has a high work rate. I’m more of a storyteller.

I feel like the fans will have a better appreciation for me in front of live crowds since I’m not a high spot guy anymore. It was so hard to tell who is really over when the feedback is only online. There’s some validity to it, but it’s only a piece.

“Was there ever a stipulation match you never got to do you wish you could have?”

There are two, The elimination chamber, and Hell in a Cell. Not because I was a big fan of either one, but to check it off my bucket list. That’s why we’re excited to have a girl this time. We’ve had boys, and I want the experience of being a girl Dad.

“What’s the most painful match you’ve ever been in?”

It’s really hard to say. When I first tore my ACL we were at a house show in maybe Yuma AZ vs. Kane. That was brutal. It burned, it hurt, and continued on with the match knowing I was damaging it more.

When I was younger, you pushed through injuries. Now people are happy when you stop so you don’t injure yourself more.

“Do you have any prematch rituals?

Stretching, lots of stretching now that I’m older. I also always take my hair tie off, and put it on my knee pocket. Someone had a Matt Hardy Knee pocket twitter account, I’d like you to show yourself. Step up

“Do wrestlers come up to you and ask for advice on matches?” – @WrestleJoy

Yes, they ask, and I try to be really honest about it. If I see something, I’ll mention it. If I don’t, I don’t. With the Hardy Family Office, I’ve been really busy so I’ve been out 7 or 8 times shooting for a Dark, or Dark Elevation.

If I don’t have anything to do, I love to do it. I’ve just been super busy lately with the HFO. If I do see something, I love helping, I love watching young wrestlers learn and grow.

“How long did it take to shoot Final Deletion?”

We started at 3pm that day, first scene was the Maxwells Birthday Celebration, and we legitimately were about to have his birthday. That was shot, the crew left went to Jeffs. They shot the Drones, and invading his house

Then 9:30 to 6am, we shot everything. We then slept for a few hours, and then we shot on the lawns with the beautiful designs. The side of my arm and lat were burnt from the end of the match. In total, 16 hours of shooting, such a small crew, it was amazing.

“How cool is Senior Benjamin?”

He’s the coolest, laid back good human being, good person. Would give you the shirt off his back, he legitimately would. Great Grandpa for the boys, always here to get them food, or watch them. Huge asset in our lives.

Does Jeff Hardy have a Tik Tok?

I doubt that very much. I saw him last night and he didn’t mention it.

Jeff has an instagram, and his own mentality to have one, is if he has paintings, or anything cool, he’ll post it. He has twitter, cause I forced it on to him when I got one. He doesn’t use it actively. Instagram is his big thing.

Will you do a Tik Tok Dance?

Matt Fact – Matt doesn’t dance.

“How did you and Undertaker get booked on WWE Superstars?”

Apparently the booker, Vince wanted to have us have a match. I don’t know the ins and outs of why. I think they wanted to use me at that time. I think it was just an opportunity to allow me to work with Undertaker.

I worked with Undertaker a ton in 2002 and 2003, when I was first doing the Matt Hardy version 1. It helped me out a great deal. Brock was on top, and had a big angle with Undertaker, but Matt V1 was delusional, and I felt like I was on the same level as Brock.

“What was the best memory you had with the Dudleys?”

Wrestlemania 2000, the Triple Thread Ladder match, we stole the show, we walked through and they said, Don’t worry about time, time isn’t an issue. Which is unheard of. We got to play our music the way we wanted to play it.

We built this match into a staple of a match, it’s a pretty big deal. The Dudleys, Edge and Christian, and the Hardy Boys did that together. And that’s the coolest memory of the Dudleys.

What is the opening line in your song? Is it about Tornados? Tomatos?

I can slam a Tornado. It’s not slap a tomato.

“Will you encourage your children to be professional wrestlers?”

*Wolfie comes on*

Wolfie, you’re my favorite!

Reby Hardy – “Don’t tell him that!”

Will I encourage it? Only if they want to.

Editors note – Wolfie is adorable.

“Are you going to be at FyterFest Night 1 or 2?”

That depends on Reby. Depending on when this baby comes will determine which one I’m at. That’s the most honest of an answer I can give you.

“Can you give any clues on the baby girl name?”

Reby – It’s a Pokemon name.

Any details for your plans this year?

At All Out, Thursday is going to have a small fan fest, and then Saturday will have a full fledged Fan fest.

I’ve talked about doing an MCW appearance in Baltimore.

“Did you enjoy your run as ECW Champion?”

I loved my run as being champion, even though it was the ECW/WWE, it was so much fun. To be the center piece of the show was a lot of fun. It gave me the opportunity to be more creative with my angles, more promos, great learning experience.

So cool that I was the ECW Champion, and Jeff was the WWE champion. Very cool touch, very fun time.

“How does it feel to inspire so many young people worldwide?”

That’s amazing if you’ve found myself or my brother as an inspiration. We were just two kids with dreams who found professional wrestling, and fell in love with it.

We had no connections, no insight of how to get in this business, but it ended up working. When Jeff and I busted onto the scene, I felt like we were very relatable to people. Outcast, people not accepted, it was a different time then where being on the outside wasn’t as accepted as today.

I feel very blessed, and very privileged to have the life I have, and be able to touch so many people. Inspirational, or someone who felt like they had an opportunity to make it too.

“What Jeff Hardy persona do you love the most?”

The Charismatic Enigma is very much Jeff. Jeff does his own thing, and marches to the beat of his own drum. But I think the Antichrist of Pro Wrestling was incredible.

“Funniest thing you’ve heard a fan shout/chant during a match?”

“You Suck”, “You’re Fat”, “Fat Hardy”, the negatives. The most fun was at ROH, “Same old shit” when I did the side effect. So I did 3 or 4 more. Then the finish was Twist of Fate. More “Same old shit chants”

I went to the back, and Jay Lethal was laughing. He was like, “That’s your finish!”

I guess you can hit me with that in 2021. In Miami, or whatever. It’s what I do, it’s what I known for. I’m going to keep doing the moves I’m known for.

What do you think about variety in wrestling?

Die hard people are like, it’s the good guy vs the bad guy, if you do anything else it’s hokey or bullshit. That’s your opinion, that’s fine. But you need to acknowledge there are people who do enjoy mystical stuff.

Kayfabe is broken. You can read all about wrestling. Jim Cornette breaks down matches, and talks about the ins and outs. People need to remember that wrestling is entertainment, enjoy what you enjoy.

Do you do DDP Yoga?

Yes, It’s very beneficial. Some times to stay committed. The thing I need to do more than anything else is get up early, and make sure I’m up so I’m not interrupted while doing it. I’ve incorporated a lot of the DDP yoga into my stretches and it’s helped a lot.

“Will you be on the Jericho Cruise?”

Yes, I will.

Reby – This is the first I’m hearing of this…

Outside of Jeff, who is your favorite person to Tag with?

Bray Wyatt, the characters were so much fun. MVP too. We were very much competitive with each other. A lot of fun.

“Who is your wrestler of the year for the first half of 2021?”

The first person is @KennyOmegamanX, he’s done great. There’s a bunch of guys who’ve elevated themselves. MJF, Jungle Boy, Orange Cassidy. Seeing his reaction with legitimate crowds will be awesome.

AEW – Kenny Omega

RAW – Drew McIntyre

Smackdown – Roman Reigns

You can find Matt Hardy on Twitter, on Twitch with House Hardy, and you can find full video of Matt Hardy’s Q&A on Youtube.

Matt’s first Twitch AMA can be found here.