Matt Hardy’s First Twitch AMA Highlights

Credit: Reby and Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy had his first AMA Twitch Stream, and we’ve collected some of the best bits. The Truth is the Truth!

On Crowds coming back after Covid

“There are so many fans online who are not a good barometer. Real fans in the seats are the barometer of what is over”

Matt Hardy on his scariest bumps

“The bump at All Out was not the scariest I’ve been at. I was okay after the match. There was no sign of trauma. I relayed that message to Tony, and he took a lot of blowback. That wasn’t a TK idea. It was mine.”

The real scariest bump was at Extreme Rising in 2012/2013. A remake of ECW, and they contacted Matt about it. It was against Shane Douglas in Pittsburgh.

That bump I was convulsing, and foaming at the mouth. That took days to recover. I’m not defending them, they were both stupid bumps, but this is pro wrestling. Most of my moments people love were extremely dangerous.

We are stunt men. This is what we do. I still feel good overall, so we’ve withstood the test of time, myself and my brother. Especially him, he’s done more crazy stuff than I have.

Calling wrestlers dumbasses for doing stuff like this? Hell, we’re dumbasses for being wrestlers. It’s going to happen. Even the Chris Jericho stuff. He’s 50 years old, and took an insane bump. All said, Chris Jericho is a bad ass for being 50 and taking that bump. End of Story

We did Final Deletion with 4 people. It was a very small crew, and it took a long time to shoot. Jim Cornette said there were “300 people there” which is stupid. 2 guys working the cameras, small crew.

Wrestling is crazy, don’t let anyone tell you different. I am crazy, and insane. And my brother is twice as insane up the road. But we know it entertains you guys, so you motivate us to do it. Really, it’s your fault. You’re enablers.

“How much did Vince know about Broken Matt Hardy before he signed you before WM 33?”

He didn’t know anything about it. We worked out the deal with Triple H, on the down low. Triple H was great.

Really, I think we came back because Vince was like, “Why are all these people saying Delete?”

Explaining the Broken Matt story to Vince McMahon in 30 minutes was one of my favorite moments of all time. I had to sound like a madman to him. But he stayed open minded. They said they’ve give us a compound deletion fight, and he kept his word.

We pitched ideas like King Maxwell bossing Bray Wyatt around. Bray had great ideas, like a Monkey with him coming to stay at the compound. Like a Hobo, with nothing but a dime to his name.

I wanted a throwback to the old Undertaker, Papa Shango days. I like that. You don’t have to agree with me, you have your opinion and I have mine. I really love magical characters in wrestling.

Did Vince say “That’s such good shit”?

No, I didn’t get that. A lot of him in the 30 minutes was “mm.. mmm.. okay.” He had an open mind to it. The Broken Matt Hardy craze brought us back, and he knew there was interest there.

I have nothing but love and a lot of respect for Vince McMahon.

Matt Hardy on how he started wrestling

I went and wrestled a match in 1993 in PWF, the Professional Wrestling Federation, a typical indy. Weekend warriors, working their regular job, and then wrestling on Friday or Saturday. They didn’t hit the gym, they didn’t eat clean, they just loved wrestling.

I’m 17 years old, and I’m going out there to fight their enforcer. The guy who would fight all the green guys. I bumped like crazy for him. There was one point he said, grab a headlock. I grabbed him with the wrong arm and he screamed at me. “WHAT ARE YOU A MARK?”

At the end, he said “You’re great, you’ve got a great body, you can flip. All I need from you is $3000. I can teach you to not be a fruit brother” Sorry sir, I’m just a broke kid. 8 or 9 months later, I got a call later, and he needed a guy to go to New York to do a jizzob.

Myself, Jason, Jeff, and Marty all went to New York to WWE. And Matt fought Nicolai Volkoff. I had like, 10-12 legit matches, and I’m now live on WWF against Nicolai. He said, “I mess up every match, I’ll probably mess up tonight too. It’s no problem. I’ll talk to you out there”

Jeff had to fight Razor Ramon at 16. He was brought in because the other guy pulled out because he wouldn’t take the Razor Edge. And Razor beat the shit out of Jeff. He said, “We dead sold him too much.”

They put the match on TV, Jeff got his leg hurt by Scott Hall, but the clique was super cool to them afterwards. They called him Vanilla Ice. “Bump Bump Bump, Buda Bump Bump” They always called him Ice.

They knew if it was me or my brother Jeff, we would bump our asses off for them. If we got something in, fine, but it didn’t matter.

Eventually we got away from Stallion, and we were able to book ourselves. We always had great time, and me and Jeff got taken care of really well. Those guys with the old school mentality who said if you do jobs for WWE you’ll never get hired. They were wrong.

Jeff Hardy was always like “I shine when I sell”

Matt Hardy talking to Reby on how to get more AMA Questions

Matt Hardy to Reby – “Brother, follow me on twitter”

Reby – “I follow your kids to bed, brother”

Hardy on being booked for the ICP Gathering

I think it was Kevin Gill who booked me for the Gathering. It was insane, we drove down this road for 7-8 miles, and then we drove 5 miles into the woods. We didn’t know if we were going to the gathering or our slaughter.

Once you get there, everyone was altered, out of their mind. It was insane. And that’s kind of what goes on there, they had a huge crowd. Major acts. A wrestling show. I remember being there, It’s over at the “Drug Bridge” The WHAT?!


The Gathering had the most enthusiastic crowds. Just an amazing, wild crowd to work for.

“Who inspired you to get into wrestling?”

Macho Man Randy Savage was the first guy I was a big fan of. Other guys at that time, Ric Flair, and the Four Horsemen. I loved the Fabulous Freebirds, not the original group, but Michael Hayes and Jimmy Garvin. I based my original persona on the Freebirds.

Bret Hart is the most incredible wrestler to have ever lived, I’ve always loved his work, and still do.

“What moments in your career gave you goosebumps?”

Return at Wrestlemania 33 was overwhelming. So much adrenaline, it was kept a great secret. We didn’t show up to the venue until the match before. We had a few minutes on a bus outside, right before our entrance they ran us in with Pink Hoodies on. Sprinting for our entrance

I hadn’t seen the venue, or the crowd. I have no idea what it looks like. Typically, you’re there all through the day preparing. You know what the venue looks like. You peak out to see the crowd, and you know.

We’re running up all these stairs, our music hits, and we run out to this sea of humanity. Goose bumps. It felt like a dream. Even now, it’s like a dream sequence. It was so intoxicating, and it felt surreal.

“Have you considered writing another book?”

I’ve been thinking about that a lot recently. When we first wrote our book, we were very popular at the time. And we had a genuinely good story, two kids coming up very poor in a single family home.

But now, I’ve lived life. Experienced life. So many things I could add great deal that would make an amazing story, and compile to be an incredible book. Especially recently, I’ve thought about it a lot.

Which gimmick would you like to end your career on?

The gimmick I’d like to end my career on, teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boys. Real life Matt, and Real life Jeff, doing our thing. To go out the way you came in is super cool.

I would love Jeff to come to AEW, A proper feud with the Hardy Boys vs the Young Bucks would be amazing. And to those it may piss off. I stand with Omega. I love that guy.

What is one thing you want to do that you haven’t done yet?

At AEW, I’d like to do a Blood and Guts match. That’s one thing I’ve never done, and I’d like to do that.

I was supposed to be in the first Blood and Guts match, but Covid happened.

How do you keep up a relationship on the road traveling?

I love my AEW schedule right now, it’s no where near as intense as my WWE schedule. Whatever bad nonsense I was going to do on the road, I got it out of my system. My kids, and family give me the motivation to be better, and to be good.

Will you do a Twitch Hot Tub Stream?

I’m not sure what a tub stream is… I don’t know if we’re getting in the hot tub, it has to be with the kids. The Kids love it.

You can find Matt Hardy on Twitter, on Twitch with House Hardy, and you can find full video of Matt Hardy’s Q&A on Youtube.