Welcome to Wrestle Joy

Do you remember when you first got into wrestling? Maybe you were a kid, looking at the TV with wide eyed wonder at the superheroes and supervillains fighting it out on the screen. Maybe you came back to it as an adult, and appreciated the complexity in storytelling, ring psychology, and thrilling athletics playing out before you. Perhaps you’ve joined up with friends for PPV watch parties, or even made new ones when traveling to live shows!

At Wrestle Joy, we want to encapsulate the feeling of JOY that wrestling brings us and share the happiness we feel each week when we tune into our favorite shows. The excitement and passion we all feel when we talk about wrestling with our friends in the wrestling community is what we hope to recreate here. We look at the changes that wrestling promotions have created within the industry as positives and celebrate as they carve a path to a bright new future.

Wrestle Joy is not a news aggregator, nor is it a gossip site. Wrestle Joy is made up of fans and professionals, all gathered together with one mission in mind: to share our love of wrestling and the joy being a wrestling fan brings. Here, you’ll find featured articles, interviews, show reviews, podcasts, and more, all centered around that same love of professional wrestling.

Wrestle Joy is a passion project for all of us. The love of wrestling brings us all together, despite differences in age, background and national origin. Here, we bring the stories of wrestling to life, and shine a light on an industry that is taking the world by storm. Companies and wrestlers are creating a new vision for what the sport can offer—it’s one of excitement, passion, and thrills. We go back to our roots as fans of wrestling, embracing the happiness it brings to us as we tune in each week, delighting in the action playing out in the ring in front of us.

At Wrestle Joy, we believe in our community, in the diversity of ideas, the strength of passion, and the idea that people can come together and celebrate what brought us all together in the first place, a joy for wrestling.

We aren’t in this alone. This is a movement bigger than us—a chance for fans across the world who believe in the power of wrestling to join hands and fight back against the creeping negativity that permeates the online wrestling world.

All too often a positive expression of joy on Twitter is met with a cascade of gatekeepers and strangers intent on telling you that you shouldn’t love what you love. This is a different kind of wrestling community, one where fans will help you find new passions, while never judging your preferences and opinions.

Join us, won’t you?