AEW debuting new show named Rampage

AEW Rampage will arrive on TNT on Friday nights beginning on Aug. 13. AEW Rampage is a new show that was green lit when AEW signed a contract extension in early 2020.

On Busted Open Radio today, Tony Khan clarified that it came up to do a 3rd hour of AEW Dynamite, and he felt confident that another night was better.

“This time slot I think is really good for the fans to keep a great night of wrestling fresh on Friday Nights. So, at 10pm you’re going to have a great option to come watch Rampage.”

“And I promise Rampage won’t be a secondary show. Rampage is going to be an equivalent to Dynamite. We have two strong franchises, Dynamite and Rampage, and they are our weekly core shows.”