Tay Conti on AEW’s Unrestricted Podcast

Tay Conti loves the Japanese strong style wrestling and shares her thoughts on working with AEW Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida. Tay also details her journey to AEW, her special bond with Negative One, the support she receives from the Dark Order, her close friendship with Anna Jay, and training with Dustin Rhodes. She remembers how she was approached to compete in the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament, the day she signed with AEW, and how she’s improved exponentially as a wrestler and in-ring performer since coming to AEW. Tay also speaks about her MMA background, her 2016 Olympic Trials experience, and what it was like growing up in Brazil.

Tay Conti on Match with Hirkaru Shida

“I love Japanese style, like strong style. That’s more me… I feel with Shida I was able to show that a little bit more. I love Lucha Style, and American Wrestling, but I prefer to wrestle in Strong Style”

Taynara Conti on working in NXT

“I was not happy in my previous job. I was not really being myself, there was a lot of stress. It was super hard. I learned it’s not me. I’m becoming a person I’m not, and I need to get out of here.”

Conti on working with Aubrey Edwards as a ref

“I always love working with you because you are so motivating in the ring.”

Tay Coni on Brodie Lee and Negative One

“With what happened with Negative One, we just clicked. I do a lot of therapy because I struggle with mental health, and I’m not ashamed of it. I was telling my therapist, I have such a connection to him as a kid. And she told me you connect with him because your past experiences. I never had any contact with my dad. I just know I love that kid, and he loves me back.”

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