Jerry Lynn on AEW’s Unrestricted Podcast

Jerry Lynn coached Dr. Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa for their recent hardcore match, and shares the advice he gave them about bumping in thumbtacks. He talks about learning from his fellow AEW coaches like Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, and Jake “The Snake” Roberts, the importance of treating your character as a brand, and the evolution of high-flying wrestlers. He explains how one call to the Young Bucks resulted in his signing with AEW, and what Tony Khan said to him the first time they met. Plus, Jerry speaks to his days wrestling under a mask, his favorite ECW spots, the challenge of doing good guy vs good guy matches, and getting color with X-Pac.

Jerry Lynn on Dr. Britt Baker DMD & Thunder Rosa’s hardcore match:

“I had told them, ‘If you’re bleeding, do not let your forehead touch the canvas. Do not let your face touch the canvas because it’ll wipe it all off, and then you’ve lost the effect of building the drama.’”

Jerry Lynn on his fellow AEW coaches:

“When I see them pull their guys aside after a match, even if it’s Arn [Anderson] or Jake [Roberts], and I’m not busy, I’ll slide over there and listen because I’m still learning from them.”