Nyla Rose’s Historic Contributions Celebrated Amidst AEW Dynasty Excitement

As the wrestling world looks toward AEW’s highly anticipated AEW Dynasty event in St. Louis MO, AEW President and CEO Tony Khan spoke to members of wrestling media about the thrilling matches on the card, as well as recent news that had been making waves around the world.

One story that has been recently developing, came from the Oklahoma State Athletic Commision. In January of 2024, the commission held a meeting in which a December 2023 AEW match featuring Nyla Rose and Alejandra Leon was discussed. Colleen Welcher of Fox 25 obtained the minutes from this meeting, where the committee voted unanimously to issue a warning to All Elite Wrestling, threatening punitive damage if AEW were to have Nyla Rose wrestling as a woman in the state of Oklahoma, which would violate their guidelines on intergender wrestling in the state of Oklahoma.

Editor’s Note: Please be advised that the image below contains insensitive language and misgendering from the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission.

Nyla Rose made history as the first openly transgender wrestler to sign with a major wrestling promotion when she debuted in All Elite Wrestling in 2019, shortly before becoming the second Women’s World Champion for the same promotion. She has been with the company from their very first show, Double or Nothing, as well as from the beginning of their televised programming on TNT and TBS under the WBD umbrella.

Courtesy of AEW

During the media call for AEW Dynasty, Tony Khan was asked to comment on the development. Unequivocally, he expressed his profound support for Nyla Rose following the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission’s warning. Khan’s response underscored AEW’s continued commitment to equality and non-discrimination. He stated, “I was really surprised by this. It was not something I was expecting and of course I was disappointed by the commission’s position and by that warning.”

Asserting his support for Rose and highlighting the importance of inclusivity in sport, Tony Khan went on to say, “I absolutely stand by Nyla Rose. AEW stands by Nyla Rose, and all transgender people in wrestling. I don’t think there should be discrimination against transgender wrestlers, or transgender people at all.”

Courtesy of AEW

Nyla Rose, celebrated as the first transgender world champion in wrestling, continues to be a beacon of inspiration within AEW. Khan praised her contributions both inside and outside the ring, noting, “Nyla Rose is a great wrestler. She’s been a great world champion, she was the first transgender world champion, ever. She’s done a lot of work with the AEW Together community. She does a ton for the community.”

The discussion about Rose wasn’t just about her challenges but also her achievements and the positive impact she has on the AEW community. “She’s been a great part of our history,” Khan continued, “One of the funniest people on social media, I personally have nominated Nyla to TBS for the best social media presence on more than one occasion over the years.”

As AEW continues to make strides in professional wrestling, the support for Nyla Rose exemplifies the promotion’s commitment to fostering an environment where all athletes can compete equally. This commitment not only enriches the AEW roster but also sets a standard for inclusivity in sports entertainment. Tony Khan elaborated on this further during his statement: “Look at everything she’s accomplished. To just put that label on her… that’s not right. I hope everybody can look at Nyla. She’s a great person, and she deserves these chances as anyone else. The AEW locker room has people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, different beliefs. If the AEW locker room can embrace Nyla, I’d hope the Oklahoma State Commission can as well.”

With AEW Dynasty poised to be another milestone event, the excitement is palpable not only for the high-octane matches but for the progressive values that AEW champions, with Nyla Rose at the forefront of this transformative era. For fans of All Elite Wrestling, they can rest assured that the support for the talent, staff, and fans of AEW will continue to welcome all into the fold of enjoying the thrill, excitement, and inclusivity, of professional wrestling.

For LGBTQ+ resources in the state of Oklahoma, as well as Nationwide, click here.